Concrete Polishing Pads in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Are you looking for high-quality concrete polishing pads in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for use with concrete grinding machines? At MK Diamond, we can provide you with the very best concrete polishing pads for any application. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the results our products can achieve.


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Resin Concrete Polishing Pads for the Perfect Polished Concrete Floor!

Achieve the perfect polished concrete floor with a grinding machine and a great range of polishing pads from MK Diamond Australia. As experts in all things cutting, grinding and polishing, we can help you to achieve that desirable polished concrete look. Whether you’re looking for a 100mm polishing pad or diamond polishing pads for sale, we’ve got no shortage of great options available.

MK Diamond Australia is proud to provide a comprehensive range of polishing pads in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and across Australia. Our concrete polishing pads are designed to be used with our superior grinding machines. The very best polishing pads will provide an attractive finish for your concrete floor. However, you need high-quality, consistent results and long-lasting performance from your polishing pads. This is exactly what you will get from MK Diamond Australia.

Suitable for Various Uses & Applications

When used in conjunction with our concrete grinding machines, our polishing pads in Brisbane and greater Australia allow you to level out uneven floors, finish off untidy joiners, and achieve excellent polishing, levelling and grinding results. From coating and glue removal through to striping functionality and more, our concrete polishing pads can provide an expert solution for various tasks.

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Whether you need pads for concrete polishing in Melbourne VIC or anywhere else in the country, the MK Diamond team are Australia’s experts. For more information about our range, simply give us a call today on 1300 657 296. You can also leave us a message online to request a prompt call back. Our friendly professionals will get back to you as soon as possible.

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