Cup Wheels

Contractor Cup Wheels

A complete range of economy cup wheels perfect for the general hardware, DIY and contractor market,providing quality and performance.

Arrow Cup Wheels

Professional grade cup wheel with arrow shaped segments for fast aggressive grinding and removal of all coatings and concrete

Full Bodied Cup Wheels

General purpose turbo style cup wheel available in coarse and fine grits for grinding concrete and removal of scratches in epoxy and polished concrete.

PCD Cup Wheels

PCD cup wheel for fast removal of heavy glues, epoxy and paints when normal cup wheels won’t do the job.

Shallow Dish Cup Wheel

A premium cup wheel that is designed to be used on grinding machines.

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Part Code Description
CONTCW-100 4″ (100mm) Turbo Pattern Segment Cup Wheel
CONTCW-125 5″ (125mm) Turbo Pattern Segment Cup Wheel
CONTCW-180 7″ (180mm) Turbo Pattern Segment Cup Wheel
Part Code Description
CONTCW-100DR 4″ (100mm) Double Row Cup Wheel
CONTCW-125DR 5″ (125mm) Double Row Cup Wheel
CONTCW-180DR 7″ (180mm) Double Row Cup Wheel
Part Code Description
CONTCW-100A 4″ (100mm) Arrow Segment Cup Wheel
CONTCW-125A 5″ (125mm) Arrow Segment Cup Wheel
CONTCW-180A 7″ (180mm) Arrow Segment Cup Wheel
Arrow Cup Wheels
Code Size Bond Segments Grit Colour
CWA-S125 5″ MEDIUM 4segArrow 16/20 Red
CWA-C125 5″ MEDIUM 5segArrow 30/40 Blue
CWAS-S 7″ SOFT 6segArrow 16/20 Silver
CWA-S 7″ MEDIUM 6segArrow 16/20 Red
CWAH-S 7″ HARD 6segArrow 16/20 Black
CWA-C 7″ MEDIUM 10segArrow 30/40 Blue
CWAH-C 7″ HARD 10segArrow 30/40 White
CWA-S250 10″ MEDIUM 8segArrow 16/20 Red
CWAH-S250 10″ HARD 8segArrow 16/20 Black
CWA-C250 10″ MEDIUM 12segArrow 30/40 blue
CWAH-C250 10″ HARD 12segArrow 30/40 White
CWA-F250 10″ MEDIUM 10segArrow 80/100 Gold
Full Bodied Cup Wheels
Code Size Grit Colour
CWT-100C 4″ 25/30 Green
CWT-125C 5″ 25/30 Green
CWT-180C 7″ 25/30 Green
Finishing Discs
CWT-100F 4″ 100/120 Gold
CWT-125F 5″ 100/120 Gold
CWT-180F 7″ 100/120 Gold
PCD Cup Wheels
Code Size PCD’s Colour
CWPCD-125 5″ 4 Blue
CWPCD-180 7″ 6 Blue
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