The Scan Combiflex Handyman (SC Handyman) is a heavy-duty hand grinder designed for grinding edges and corners that are difficult to grind with a larger machine. The SC Handyman has a grinding width of 125mm (5in), and can be used with any of our 125mm sized tooling, such as the Elastic Metal 125, Tiger 125, Turbo 125, etc.

The SC Handyman comes packaged in a red metal box, and is the perfect size for easy transportation.

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Specifications Scan Combiflex Handy Man
Power 1530 Watt
RPM 3400-8000/min
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Weight 4.7 kg (without box) 8.9 with metal box
Grinding Diameter 125 mm
Brochure n/a
Manual n/a
Optional Accessories n/a
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