Scarifier Features:

  • Designed for scarifying, roughening, planing, leveling, smoothing, or creating grooves in concrete surfaces
  • Can be used to remove paint or coatings, and to clean and prepare concrete surfaces prior to coating, re-coating, and floor covering installation
  • Rugged sand casting and heavy gauge steel construction
  • Precision adjustable depth control
  • Engage/disengage lever allows operator to raise and lower the cutter drum without changing depth setting
  • Quick-change drum

Depending on cutting wheel style, production rate varies from 350 to 500  square feet per hour for a 1/8-inch removal depth.

MK-SG-9 Control Panel
Control Panel

MK-SG-9 Vaccum Takeoff
Vacuum takeoff.

MK-SG-9 Depth Lock
Depth lock

MK-SG-9 Drum

Engine power ratings are calculated by the individual engine manufacturer and the rating method may vary among engine manufacturers. MK Diamond Products makes no claim, representation or warranty as to the power rating of the engine on this equipment and disclaims any responsibility or liability of any kind whatsoever with respect to the accuracy or the engine power rating. Users are advised to consult the engine manufacturer’s owners manual and website for specific information regarding the engine power rating.

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Model MK-SG-9
Engine/Motor Honda (Gas)
Power GX270 Cyclone
Weight (not including drum) 170 lbs. (77kg)
Drum Dimensions (Dia. x L) 6″ x 8″
Drum Weight 30 lbs. (14kg)
LxWxH (inches) 23″ x 20″ x 43″
LxWxH (mm) 813 x 508 x 1,092
Drum Configurations Part #
Scarifier with Blank Drum (no cutters) 158532
Scarifier with 5 Point Carbide Drum 158941
Scarifier with 6 Point Carbide Drum 158942
Scarifier with 18 Point Steel Drum 158943
Scarifier with 12 Point Steel Drum 158944
Brochure n/a
Manual n/a
Optional Accessories n/a
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