Scanmaskin 32 Propane World Series

The Scanmaskin 32 World Series Propane is a propane-powered Grinder for occasions when you do not have access to electric power. The 32 World Series Propane machine has the same unique characteristics as the other Grinders in the World Series Line.

Among other things, fully casted machine housing, adjustable grinding pressure, and well-balanced tooling heads that provide the efficient grinding results that characterize the World Series Line. The Scanmaskin 32 World Series Propane machine is also equipped with an automatic safety system that monitors air oxygen levels.

The Scanmaskin 32 World Series Propane is equipped with a 26hp Kawasaki engine which can be operated with either liquid or vapor Propane.

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Motor Kawasaki FX752
Motor Power 18,5 kw/ 26 hp
Propane tank: 9kg/20 lbs
Grinding disc speed: 300-575 rpm
Grinding disc: 3 X 300 mm / 3 X 11,8”
Grinding widht: 800mm/32”
Weight: 600 kg/ 1323 lbs
Water tank: 20 l / 5,3 US gal
Other: CE marking
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