Scan Combiflex 450 Concrete Grinder

The Scan Combiflex 450 (SC 450) is the first machine in a new generation of floor grinders, which combines a small footprint with high productivity. It is the perfect machine for rental, coatings removal, and building remodel applications.

The SC 450 is available in both 110V/1Ph and 230V/1ph, which makes it extremely easy to operate in residential and small commercial applications. Although the SC 450 weighs only 90kg (198lbs), it is built very robust with solid steel construction. Our patented spring-steel flex head system reduces vibration and allows the machine to grind rough surfaces with minimal effort. Along with grinding concrete and natural stone, the SC 450 is perfect for sanding hardwood floors. With the wide range of available tooling options, the SC 450 can be used for virtually any application out there.

SC 450 Applications:
  • Remove lighter coatings with the SC-Tiger Silver scrapper tools
  • Both aggressive and fine grinding with our different Scan-On tools
  • Dry-polish concrete and terrazzo
  • Sand and refinish hardwood floors

Please note that the machine featured on this video is of an older model. We currently stock the new model machinery.

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Specifications Scan Combiflex 450
Power 1-fas, 230V, 10A, 1.5kW, 1-fas, 230V, 16A, 2.2kW, 1-fas, 110V, 16A, 1.5kW
Current 1,5 kW
Voltage 950
Grinding Width 450mm
Width 90kg
Brochure N/A
Optional Accessories N/A
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