Based on our Scanmaskin 28 World Series (WS), we have created a radio controlled (RC) model. Which offers an opportunity for the operator to easily control the speed of the grinding wheels, the drive wheels, and it offers ergonomic work for the user. It contributes to a minimal load and no vibrations for the operator. Through the “joystick” on the radio control the operator is allowed to control with a high precision in the direction and speed the operator wishes. There is also the possibility to put the machine in a selected speed forward to keep a steady speed during the grinding work.

Scanmaskin 28 WS RC is also equipped with a display, which contributes to the operator being able to follow in real time how the tools are worn and their lifetime.

The machine features cast alloy components along with a floating shroud, designed for years of durability and dust free operation. Scanmaskin 28 RC is equipped with a new tool head for better balance and tool support. The machine also has a new electrical cabinet with an improved cooling system. The cooling system is sealed and protects the electrical components against heat and dust. The wheels of Scanmaskin 28 RC are 370 mm and can be quickly released, which makes it easy for the operator to operate the machine manually.

Recommended vacuum: Scan Dust 9000

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Voltage 230 V 3~ / 400 V 3~
Motorpower 7,5 kW
Current 32 Amp / 16 Amp
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Grinding disc speed: 200-800 rpm
Grinding disc speed: 200-800/rpm
Grinding disc: 3 x 220 mm / 3 x 8,6″
Grinding width: 725 mm / 28″
Weight: 610 kg/ 1344 lbs
Grinding pressure: 329 kg / 725 lbs
Water tank: 20 l / 5,3 US gal
Other: CE-marking
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