Contec Tornado

CONTEC Tornado Dust Collector

Whether fine dust or rough material, the CONTEC dust collectors impress by their high performance and multiple applications.

All models are available with the newly developed CON-TACT free System.

Using plastic bags, this system ensures that dust can no longer escape into the environment at any stage of the process.

Dust free handling is especially important when working with contaminated material such as PCB.

Applications for the CONTEC Dust collectors include:

Industrial plants – to remove chips, dirt and dust

Construction industry – to connect to planers, grinders, saws, Shot Blasters and more

Builders for cleaning – removing sand and rough material and to connect to machines and hand tools

Maintenance companies – to remove litter e.g. on railways or Organic material such as leaves … and much much more

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Voltage 400 V three phase
Motor 3 kW
Height 156 cm
Length 140 cm
Width 72 cm
Weight 230 kg
Filter area 6 m(3 cartridges)
Airflow max 27000 l/min
Depression max 8600 Pa (86 mbar)
Cleaning by automatic air pressure
Dust ports Ø 50 and 70 mm
Capacity dust container 75 l
Brochure n/a
Manual n/a
Optional Accessories n/a
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