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Concrete Grinders & Concrete Grinding Tools

Concrete has become extremely popular as a decorative surface, and concrete grinding is one of the most innovative methods for achieving that desired look. At MK Diamond, we can provide you with an efficient concrete grinding machine and other quality concrete grinder tools to create a highly polished, incredibly attractive finish for your concrete floors.

In addition to creating decorative finishes, a concrete grinder machine can also be used to level out uneven floors and finish off untidy joiners. While it’s often left to a concrete contractor to do the job, our concrete grinding machine in Melbourne and greater Australia – not to mention our grinding tools in Australia – can help competent DIY users to achieve a professional result.

What We Offer

If you’re looking for a concrete floor grinder for sale in Melbourne or across Australia, look no further than the MK Diamond team. We proudly offer a comprehensive range of polishing and floor grinder tools, including a full selection of concrete polishing pads for the concrete polishing industry.

Whether you’re looking for a concrete grinding machine in Brisbane or a concrete grinding machine in Sydney, MK Diamond Australia has you covered. Our range includes:

  • Compact, lightweight grinders in Brisbane and beyond for small areas
  • Concrete grinding machines that provide a smoother finish
  • Concrete grinders that are highly popular with councils
  • Machinery for roughening, planing, levelling, smoothing, scarifying or creating grooves

Our concrete grinder manufacturers can help you find a concrete floor grinder in Melbourne or across the country for grinding, polishing, levelling, cleaning, stripping, coating and glue removal, and much more!

Our range of floor grinder tools and accessories also includes:

  • Cup wheels – Arrow, Full Bodied, PCD, and Shallow Dish Cup Wheels
  • Diamond grinding plugs
  • Concrete grinding discs
  • Concrete grinder shrouds for dust control
  • Concrete polishing pads and resin concrete polishing pads
  • Diamond wedge blocks

To get a quality concrete grinder in Melbourne or anywhere else across the country, visit or contact MK Diamond Australia today. Find a concrete grinder for sale that meets your needs or explore our range of tools for concrete floor grinding and polishing in Sydney and beyond. We’re always here to talk to you and answer any questions you have about concrete grinding in Sydney and Australia-wide.

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