Drill Motor Dmp-352

  • 3-speed gear regulation: different operating speed for different core drilling diameter in concrete. No load speed 350RPM – 400mm, No load speed 700RPM – 200mm, No load speed 1100RPM – 100mm. The magnitude of torque has an inverse proportion of no loading speed.
  • Electronic smart control for motor: our motor is equipped with Soft Start, PRCD, Overloading protection. Soft start helps the motor start slowly and then reach to no load speed in a few seconds. Also, it has the function to make motor stop working if the currency overloading.
  • Mechanical slipping clutch equipped: as a pro concrete core drill motor, it is one of the irreplaceable parts in machines. Mechanical gives more safety to operators, if the electronic protector out off work, it will work for protection. Maximize motor safety.
  • External carbon brushes: say no to the complex replacement of carbon brushes. Our carbon brushes inserted in the shell even can use a coin to open its cover.
  • New material armature: a conductive coil, bigger than the common in the market.
  • KHGEARS gears: polished gears with high abrasive resistance. In the function of better cooling and increase motors durability.
  • Mounting holes distance 79 x 41mm: this is a standard size for most leading core drill machine brands in Europe. So our core drill motor (stand) can be used with other Europe brands without changes.
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3-speed gear regulation, electronic and mechanical slipping clutch fixed to get the result of diamond core bit as well as possible, also great speed in drilling all substance.

Heavy duty diamond core drill machines is a kind of tool which is mainly used to take out a column of material, especially in reinforced concrete, concrete block, concrete with rebars.

The cylinder left inside of the diamond core drill bit is named core. Concrete diamond core drill machines with heavy duty should be watered in operation. This tip extends the life of diamond core bits and long service of diamond core motor.

Hangzhou Bycon diamond concrete core drilling machines with the features of strong power, reliable performance, and top industry quality.

DMP-352 diamond core drill motor, drilling up to 402mm in reinforced concrete with rebars, is the most robust core motor in our factory. It is a rig-mounted model, extraordinary design leads to the perfect performance.

Model DMP-352
Art number 1123352
Input power 3300W
Output power 2100W
Voltage 230V, 50HZ / 120V, 60HZ
No load speed 350/700/1100 RPM
Max.ø concrete 402mm
Spindle thread 1 1/4″ -7 UNC
N.W 13.5KG

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