Diamond Core Drill Bit


Standard length for all core bits is 450mm long
800mm and 1200 mm core bits available in sizes below
Custom core bits available on request
We can retip your old barrells over 50mm to save you hundreds of dollars over new price
Drop them in to Melbourne or Brisbane office (approx 5 working days turnaround)

Are you looking for a new or replacement core drill bit for your diamond core drill? As the home of world-class diamond machinery and tools, MD Diamond Australia is here to help you.

Our friendly team of experts can help you to select the ideal core drill bit in Brisbane, Melbourne, and around Australia.

Our diamond core drill bits are available in a range of lengths and diameters. The standard length for all core bits is 450mm long. Our team also has 800mm and 1200mm core drill bits available in a range of diameters, which you can explore on this page.

As Australia’s specialists in diamond tools and blades, we can also provide you with custom core bits on request. Talk to our team today for the best parts and accessories for your core drill in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and across the country.

Call us today on 1300 657 296 or leave us a message online to request a call back.

Save money on your diamond core drill bits with the team at MK Diamond Australia.

We can re-tip your old barrels over 50mm to save you hundreds of dollars compared to the price of a new tip. Simply drop them into our Melbourne or Brisbane office for a fast turnaround (approximately 5 working days).

When it comes to providing you with a core drill bit in Sydney, Melbourne or across the country, our range is sure to have the answers.

Explore our range below and contact our team for more information.

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16mm CD-016 Brazed 1
19mm CD-019 Brazed 1
22mm CD-022 Brazed 1
25mm CD-025 Brazed 1
29mm CD-029 Brazed 1
32mm CD-32 Brazed 1
35mm CD-035 Brazed 1
38mm CD-038 Brazed 1
42mm CD-042 Brazed 1
45mm CD-045 Brazed 1
48mm CD-048 Brazed 1
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